Wedding photography is not a job………


…. it’s a passion! I have heard it said that being a wedding photographer is a chore! I just honestly don’t know what makes them say something as stupid as that! Photography, in particular wedding photography, is a blast!!!! It seems only yesterday that I had the great opportunity to be a photographer at a wedding in the countryside – …

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Our New website is live!

our new website

Many hours of sweat and frustration later, it is done (well nearly). There is still quite a bit to do but for now, it is what I envisaged it to be Feel free to browse around and drop us a comment if you enjoy what you see!  

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Make sure your wedding dress is perfect

wedding photographer

Searching the internet for wedding dresses and the varying designs on offer for the bride-to-be is probably one of the most exciting experiences after the love of your life has ‘popped the question’ for any bride – and rightly so. It is probably the culmination of all your childhood dreams! This task can be a daunting task for many as …

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Never let the issue of price override your need for quality!

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