Cheap Wedding Photography?

Cheap Wedding Photography – is it possible?

There’s nothing like a great photograph of your favorite event that can make your memorable occasion come to life.

Cheap wedding photographyWe all love Uncle Bob – dear soul! But what do you say if he offers to photograph your wedding?

It sounds pretty good. He has a really expensive camera, and he says that he won’t even charge you. It will be his wedding present!

Awesome. It sounds too good to be true! And it’s totally understandable to consider it. After all, who wouldn’t like to shave a few thousand off their wedding budget?


In this day and age of trying to do your wedding on a budget, many brides are going for the ultimate “cheap wedding photographer” which amounts to a friend who “loves photography”, an aspiring photographer who wants to create a portfolio and will work for “free” (or close to free) or worse yet, Uncle Bob with his “great camera” who takes all the photos at the family gatherings.

While I do understand the economic times well and the need to cut corners like never before, I strongly advise against any of the above options unless you, the bride, are willing to lower your photographic expectations to equal your financial expectations. You simply cannot expect consistently beautiful representations of your day for free, or next to free. You are not going to be happy, trust me. “Free” may be your friend when budgeting, but when all is said and done, it isn’t and may result in a loss of a friend.

It is not unusual to get the minister or official marrying the couple to politely let the guests know who is the professional photographer and that it would be appreciated to give them the right of way.

And while you are about it, keep a VERY sharp eye on your best man!

Never let the issue of price override your need for quality!

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