Wedding FAQ’s

How soon do I need to book a wedding photographer for my wedding pictures?

If you have said yes to the gentleman on one knee with a ring in his hand, the excitement and thrill will begin to grow exponentially!

Booking a wedding venue and wedding photographer soonest should be the first order of business on your wedding planning agenda to ensure you get excellent wedding pictures. The time of year that you plan your wedding for can have a big impact as to the availability of not only wedding venues, but importantly, wedding photographers as well. Many photographers are booked well in advance, sometimes up to two years into the future!

In Cape Town, and the Western Cape in general, wedding venue bookings are made well in advance, especially the more popular ones.

Book your wedding venue as soon as you have decided on your wedding date, and considered your budget. Then, make an appointment to consult with your chosen wedding photographer/s as soon as possible.

How much should I be paying for a wedding photographer?

Probably the most difficult question to answer!

One VERY important fact to remember, this is a once in a lifetime event – you need to be sure everything goes according to plan as best as possible. That would obviously include wedding photography! Please take a moment and read our article on Uncle Bob, I am sure you will find it interesting.

To just call around and gather prices for wedding photography is meaningless! Make a point in having a consultation with the photographer/s you have short-listed – this will more than often allow you to make a more informed decision.

Do I have to “trash the dress”?

Of course not! The idea behind a “trash the dress” session is an opportunity to get creative, most often fun-filled and often dramatic wedding pictures.

The aim is to create stylish and often unique wedding pictures that goes beyond the traditional idea of wedding photography. This can be a fun experience and we highly recommend it!

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Can I post my wedding photographs on my own website, blog or Facebook etc?

Photographs taken by your wedding photographer are copyrighted and you need permission to display them online. We offer web ready versions of your wedding pictures and most wedding photographers will be delighted to have you share your images online. More often than not, wedding photographers would appreciate some credit for their work and would request a credit line for their hard work!

Affordable Wedding Photography?

This can be a relative term. Your wedding budget will more often than not determine your choice of wedding photographer. Let me help you a bit here and ask you to consider a few very important factors:

1. This is a once in a life-time event – can you afford to get your choice of wedding photographer wrong?
2. After the party is over, the flowers will wilt, the cake will have been eaten and the beverages consumed! – your wedding pictures last a lifetime!
3. Can Uncle Bob not do you a favour and photograph your wedding with his expensive camera? – does Uncle Bob have the required experience and training necessary to capture ALL the imagery you would love to have?
4. I am of the firm belief that over the top pricing is extravagant – reasonable pricing is not!
5. Wedding photographers SHOULD be well versed with different and varying lighting conditions – our training facility for photography courses bears testimony of our understanding of these varied conditions.
6. Will you be able to ‘click’ with your photographer? – probably one of the more important factors. Don’t just ask for a price list, make an appointment to meet him or her and discuss your needs and more often than not, a seasoned wedding photographer will tailor make a package to suit your needs

How many wedding pictures will I get?

We live in a digital age and for Prime Image Photography, there is no limit as to the amount of images you will receive! We do however guarantee a minimum amount of images for each package – and we have consistently delivered many many more than our prescribed minimum.

What is the dress code for a photographer?

This is one of my all time gripes when it comes to a wedding photographer. I see many photographers with an ill sense of dress code during a very important occasion for two special people! Nothing irks me more than a photographer in jeans and casual wear at a wedding – I see it as being disrespectfull! Yes, by all means the photographer should dress comfortably, but there is a vast difference between comfort and style!

As professionals, we dress appropiately and do our best to ‘blend’ with your guests. Should you however have a specific need, please feel free to discuss this with us.

Why do I pay for wedding photography before the wedding?

Most good wedding photographers require payment in full prior to the wedding. In the current economic climate, photographers have had experiences of couples not returning for their images simply because other expenses after the wedding has gobbled their money. Photographers cannot sell your wedding pictures to someone else if you do not have the money to pay for them!

We are happy to discuss a payment arrangement for the payment of your wedding photography – please free to discuss this with us.

Never let the issue of price override your need for quality!

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