Portrait Photography by Prime Image Professional Photographers

We take great pride in our Portrait Photography sessions.

When considering the type of portrait images you wish to have, add thought into where you may wish to portray such images in your home. Consider how you want the photographs to be portrayed – should it be blocked, printed on canvas or framed.

Also consider where you would like the images to be placed in your home. Are there portrait photographs you would like to give to family or friends? A portrait session can also be the perfect give for someone for whom you have no idea what to buy for an upcoming birthday or anniversary!

Portrait photographs are taken in the privacy of our studios or in the comfort of your home. When shooting at your home, consider the background you wish to portray in the image. We encourage families and groups to try and match their clothing colour sets – it provides uniformity and is pleasing to the viewer. Should you be visiting our studio for a portrait photography session, we encourage you to bring a change of outfit. We have facilities to change in privacy and mirrors for thefladies for that final touch-up moment.


Make-up is all a part of the process and everyone wants to look their best. Don’t overdo the make-up. We unfortunately do not offer make-up services unless pre-arranged. Be subtle and try and make your make-up as normal as possible – that way you represent how you would normally look and feel.

Hair styles

This may be a good time to pamper yourself and possibly treat yourself to that long awaited cut and groom. Try and do this before the shoot – you want tp look at your best. Try different looks with your hair, for example, if you have long hair you may want to wear it up or down during the shoot, always try and do this in the most natural way – don’t forget the hair brush for that final touch-up.


A few photography tips with wardrobe…
Make sure your clothing isneatly ironed and clean. Where possible, avoid branding and advertising – unless it has a specific purpose or significance. Try a few different outfits to see what works best for you.

We recommend one or two different looks. Maybe something casual to start with, like jeans and a T-Shirt. You can follow that with a more classier outfit that you might wear out on a special evening. A very formal look is another alternative.

Family and Group Shots

It is important for groups to wear similar colours and tones – that way everyone blends in the photos and no particular person stands out.


  1. One colour only , or similar coloured tops and slacks
  2. Shirts in shades of the same colour
  3. Matching outfits for children
  4. Jeans for everyone plus light matching tops – light colours enhance skin tones and appear more natural


Where possible, always try and co-coordinate jewellery for the shoot. We recommend that jewellery be removed to enable us to capture you in the most natural way we can. The focus needs to be on you and your personality – and not draw undue attention to any accessory.

Just relax and be yourself – we will do the rest! And a good night’s sleep helps makes the eyes rested and clear.

portrait photography
portrait photography
portrait photography

Never let the issue of price override your need for quality!

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